Is there anyone out there who is the perfect pet owner? There are always things that can be done to improve the lives of our animal companions. Take time to reflect about the important role pets play in your family and consider the following resolutions:

Sparky’s List of New Year’s Resolutions for your pets:

  • I resolve to feed the healthiest, best quality food to my pets. It is important to change food at least once a year to vary the vitamin/mineral mix. Many health issues are the result of feeding the same food for too long, resulting in nutrient deficiencies. If you’ve been feeding the same food for over a year, it’s time to switch!
  • I resolve to take walks with my dog every day – rain or shine, snow or ice. Your dog will never say “no” to a walk. Dogs crave new scents and sounds so mix it up everyday – explore new routes and find new dog-friendly outdoor spaces.
  • I resolve to learn more about vaccines so I can make better, educated decisions when faced with the “Vaccine Reminder” postcards from the vet. Remember. . . you are your pets advocate! You make the medical choices, not a postcard from the vet.
  • I resolve to teach my dog and my cat new tricks. Mental stimulation is so important for pets. Search online for easy pet tricks. YouTube is loaded with videos of fun tricks, all being taught motivationally. Cats are as trainable as dogs with reward-based training techniques.
  • I resolve to play with my pets. Dogs love toys. Pick up all the toys around the house and introduce something new or different each day. Get your cat up and moving. There are so many good interactive cat toys that will put your cat into “hunting” mode.

2019 is going to be a great year. Enjoy and appreciate your pets all year.

~ Cynthia