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Client Reviews

Read what some of our clients have to say about the care we provide for their pets.

most reliable dog walker

David Fox is the best and most reliable dog walker I have ever had. He not only walks Archie, but carefully observes him and reports his behavior and anything unusual in his habits. Cynthia Fox has helped me enormously with his nutrition and Archie now races to get at his food. Before, he was vomiting quit a bit and did not like his food. I spent a lot of time trying out different foods. Cynthia came up with the right suggestions and Archie is now a happy camper.


Honest, reliable, caring

Nothing is more important to our family than knowing our beloved little dog is safe and comfortable when we leave the house. Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service is a lifesaver. Honest, reliable, caring, knowledgeable and kind . . . that’s what we love about Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service. They’ve always been there when we’ve needed dependable pet sitting service.


We Love Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service!

We love Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service! SPS is the best, they are reliable and caring. Did you forget to stop the paper or mail, SPS will collect it for you. Our heat came on in the summer while we were away SPS contacted us and we instructed him how to shut it off. SPS also provided special care when we had an ailing cat , Thank you Sparky’s!

We feel confident that everything is A OK at home. We’re glad we have Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service!!!


2nd Time Around

I’ve been using Sparky’s pet sitting for 17 years now! David & Cynthia are family to me because they treat my babies as their own. It started with Dover, my first yellow lab on my own who I adopted. David walked him daily and even showed up to help me get him out of his crate to make it to the vet in his later years. Cynthia was always, and continues to be, my saving grace when it came to guidance with nutrition, obedience, medical, and even veterinarian care. Second time around, I have a new love, Dempsey, who David walks on a daily basis. There are no two people more reliable with whom I would trust my dogs (my children).


We are really happy

Clem loves her New Canaan pet sitter

. . . By the way, you should know Clem is a different dog since you started coming. She’s calmer, listens better and just seems very happy! We are really happy we found you.


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